Getting out of the Blocks – making a Positive Change

Self-belief and Perseverance are Critical!

In life we might often find that when trying to make a positive change, or in the early stages of moving forward we encounter a lot of resistance.

Challenges to Anticipate

Firstly there is the obvious challenge of motivating ourselves to try something new. To put ourselves “out there”. To risk failure in front of friends and strangers. This can be very daunting and just the thought of it is enough to deter the vast majority of people from trialling a good idea they had, in the real world.

The second challenge is acquiring the technical knowledge and expertise necessary to make a serious go of it. Even for what may seem straightforward such as starting a blog on your favourite topic and hobby. The third challenge could be getting sufficient money (and we all know what a big pain this is) to get your venture up and running. Even if it is not-for-profit.

Your Biggest Challenge?

The fourth, and quite possibly the biggest challenge of all, is the passive or active disdain and discouragement directed towards us by others. Sadly, total strangers frustrated with their own lives may ridicule those trying to better their lives on a public platform. Worst of all are friends and family who discourage us from pursuing our dreams, large and small. Some may be well-meaning, not wanting us to be disappointed or to be taken advantage of, or to lose our hard-earned money and reputation. That is to be expected and genuine care and concern should always be acknowledged and appreciated. The dark side of this is the inevitable discouraging and perhaps spiteful remarks we get from them just when we are most vulnerable and out in the open. Well before we have yet turned a profit or achieved a significant following out there. As if our own self-doubt and second guessing were not enough!!

We can be forgiven for wishing for an armour-plated back to withstand the darts and daggers targeted at it. Maybe a lightning strike from heaven to set others straight. It’s enough to make us want to fold and pack it in.

“You’ll either pay the price of discipline or pay the pain of regret. Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons.” – Jim Rohn

Do the critical few instead of the trivial many. Precision and leverage are key.

Perseverance – for a Positive Change

On the other hand, persevering in the face of adversity is a critical ability and is indeed a skill that can be learnt over time, and progressively. You can make difficult decisions that benefit your family, company and cause, in the long run. You can be an inspiration to others, and a spark in the virtual, and real world as well. People who are scared and envious of your potential success will naturally not support your aspirations. They may seek to drown this out! Some who you may have confided in before may not back you this time around. This atmosphere of distrust is one you may wish to detach yourself from as much as possible. Instead you may wish to seek out the company of like-minded people who are pursuing success in the environment you aspire towards, or have already done so. This is a relatively quicker way of getting traction. And making forward progress.

Your Choice to Make

Whatever your choice is, whether to persevere or to cease because it is no longer worthwhile or feasible to continue. May that decision be ultimately yours and according to your best judgement. When in doubt, it’s best to seek the option of least damage but most growth. I hope that when posed with a challenge or opportunity that you always believe in yourself to make a positive change, however small the start may be.